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List of taxis next to Karuzi

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 gitega times fm(Located 40.25 Km)
gitega centre bp: 3262, bujumbura, burundi, gitega, burundi burundi Gitega ,Gitega ,Gitega ,Burundi 
 phone available. 
 hôtel le paradis(Located 61.27 Km)
3jjc+c8w, kayanza-kirema road, kayanza, kayanza, burundi burundi Kayanza ,Kayanza ,Kayanza ,Burundi 
 phone available. 
 safeways travel(Located 89.93 Km)
j9p5+5cc, avenue de l'oua, bujumbura, burundi burundi Bujumbura ,Bujumbura Mairie Province ,Bujumbura Mairie Province ,Burundi 
 phone available. 
 Website available.