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Taxis in Batha (Province) When it comes to transportation, it is especially important to choose a reliable provider that will get you to your destination safely and on time. That is why we appreciate that our users take the time to write opinions about the Taxis in Batha (Province) that appear in our directory. This not only helps others make better decisions, but also provides us with valuable feedback that we can use to improve our own offerings.

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Oum Hadjer
Are you in Oum Hadjer, Chad and need a taxi? Then look no further than our directory of taxi listings at this location. We have a wide variety of taxis to choose from, so you are sure to find one that suits your needs. Plus, our directory is updated regularly, so you'll always be able to find the most up-to-date information about taxis here. So, whether you are looking for a specific type of taxi or if you just want an overview of the offer, be sure to consult our directory. You won't be disappointed.

List of taxis next to Batha

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 aéroport d'am timan(Located 356.69 Km)
27qg+rp, am timan, chad chad Am Timan ,Salamat ,Salamat ,Chad 
 taxi ngueli(Located 473.01 Km)
434m+v75, djamena-moundou, n'djamena, chad chad N'Djamena ,Chari-Baguirmi ,Chari-Baguirmi ,Chad 
 n'djamena international airport(Located 476.57 Km)
42mm+352, n'djamena, chad chad N'Djamena ,Chari-Baguirmi ,Chari-Baguirmi ,Chad 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 taxi food(Located 476.87 Km)
427q+5wf, n'djamena, chad chad N'Djamena ,Chari-Baguirmi ,Chari-Baguirmi ,Chad 
 sarh airport(Located 543.04 Km)
49wj+wpg, sarh, chad chad Sarh ,Moyen-Chari ,Moyen-Chari ,Chad 
 aéroport de moundou(Located 677.31 Km)
j39c+9cq, unnamed road, moundou, chad chad Moundou ,Logone Occidental ,Logone Occidental ,Chad 
 gare routière de djarabé(Located 682.49 Km)
moundou, chad chad Moundou ,Logone Occidental ,Logone Occidental ,Chad